The Vivian Alexander History is a Legacy of Excellence

Alex Caldwell has been creating unique minaudiéres for over twenty years. He is a graduate civil engineer, Army Corps of Engineer retiree, and founder of several unusual and creative enterprises. His legacy stems from that of an artistic family. His mother was an impressionist painter, his younger brother is an architect, and his daughter, Liza, is an artist and the Chief Designer for Vivian Alexander.

The first purses made by Alex were created with an ostrich egg shell, much as native Africans have made canteens for centuries. These first creations led him to produce sculptures along the lines of the famous Fabergé Imperial Russian Easter Eggs. His work attracted the attention of the Forbes family, until recently the keeper of the world’s finest and most extensive Fabergé collection started by Malcolm Forbes. Alex was commissioned to create replicas of the most valuable sculptures in the collection. For seven years he worked with the Forbes Museum curator to master the ancient art of enameling and the use of guilloché on precious metals. His enameling work was noted by Christopher Forbes to be the best in the United States.

Alex and Liza ensure Vivian Alexander minaudiéres and objets d’art are made from the finest materials. The legacy that began two decades ago continues to thrive through their artistry and commitment to excellence.